It’s time for your first

It’s new, it’s exciting; but we understand. Having your laundry picked up and delivered back to you is, well, different!

Here's what you can expect with
your first order.

How does it work?

Click order now to start. Create your account and personalise with your favourite treatments. We even have a place where you can leave our team notes for your preferences!

On laundry day, we will pick up your clothing, wash, dry and fold them before sending them back with your personalised laundry bags that you can keep and reuse. We will send you reminders the day before and again on the day to make sure you never forget when laundry day is coming.

Simple and Easy!

How do I place my first order?

Order online by clicking the Order Now button, or got to Schedule a Pickup at the top of the page. Enter your address and contact information, chose your service type and handling preferences, chose your pickup date, add your payment information and you’re done!

What if I don’t have laundry bags yet?

On your first order, you can leave your laundry in disposable bags. Please avoid sending in laundry baskets, as these can get damaged during transportation. When your laundry is returned, cleaned and folded, we will give you your personalised bags. These can be used as a hamper so you are ready to go next laundry day!

If you want more bags, or need replacements, just ask! There is an option for extra bags when you place your order, or you can email us direct.

Do I need to be home for my pickup and delivery?

There is no need for you to be home when we come to collect or drop off your bags; unless you’d like to meet our lovely delivery drivers that is! In fact, most of our clients like to go contactless, and just leave the bags at their designated delivery spots.

If you want your clothes picked up at the front door, but delivered on the back porch, feel free to leave us notes when you place your order. These instructions help guarantee that all pickups and deliveries are successful.

How long does it take?

Our services are a standard 48 hour turnaround from pickup to delivery back to you. This ensures we have adequate time to process all personalised requests and get your perfectly folded laundry back to you.

Is there a delivery fee?

No, delivery is free, no matter if you are washing one bag or six.

Do I need to separate my whites and colours?

For load that contain whites and colours there is an additional split load fee if you want them washed separately. We find it best to split your clothes yourself and place them in a second disposable bag inside your laundry bag. This ensures we have all of your clothes separated to your liking.

We endeavor to catch any left overs, however we aren’t liable for any clothing that may be mixed up.

What about stains?

As part of our standard procedure, we check clothing for stains in production and strive to catch them at the source. However, it is best to let us know of any stains or any special requests in advance; just write us a note with your preferences when you place the order.

How do most people use The Wash?

It’s not a one size fits all here, but here are a couple of ways our clients like to use us:

Most families use The Wash every week which allows them to get their clothes clean on a schedule, and will order 1-2 bags a week. There are also some people who like to let their laundry pile up – meaning they only need one big order per month!

Some like to use it as a quick fix for when family is coming over, or during the winter footy season of muddy gear. There’s a big group of people who like to send all of their sheets when they spring clean!

Either way, convenient, reliable laundry is a day-saver! How ever you use it, we have a place of you here!